Comics for kids

Comics for kids

Comics for kidsRemember Whizzer and Chips? Or even Buster, Asterix, Tintin and Beano? I certainly do. As a child, reading comics brought joy to me. I was introduced to comics late; my parents and teachers did not see them as proper books. They thought that proper books have lots of words and no pictures. Whether they are proper books or not, introducing comics to children fosters a love of reading.

With Lore and Ola, I buy them comics. Comics are just a simplified way of  encouraging reading since they don’t have the complexity of proper books. The first comic they ever read was the 1996 Dandy Annual we found in an antiques shop for less than a pound. And because they enjoyed it so much, I bought more. I have recently bought the Dandy Annual 2016 and Beano Annual 2016 for them.

Unlike proper books, my daughters analyse the characters in the comics they read. For this article I asked them why they enjoy reading comics… they both said, “It helps our minds imagine.” Imagination is great – it fosters creativity.

Comics for kids

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons why you should encourage your children to read comics:

  1. If your child gets intimidated and overwhelmed by proper books, comics are the answer.
  2. Reading comics helps both “accomplished” and “struggling” readers infer meanings in sentences.
  3. Comics help children understand gesture and body language.
  4. They help children learn the links between images and pictures.
  5. Reading comics encourages children to like all types of writing styles.

Convinced? These are your next steps:

  1. Choose an age suitable comic (see below for ideas).
  2. Sit with your child.
  3. Explain each frame to him.

REMEMBER: Just like learning to read proper books, comics have conventions too. So,

  • Teach your child to read from frame to frame.
  • Teach her the meaning of the different symbols used in comics to express feelings like: heart = love, stars = bang on the head, swirls = swear words, etc.

Here are some choices to consider when introducing comics to children

Very Young Children:

4-6 years:

6-12 years:

As Christmas approaches, for the child who loves books – or even the child who refuses to read at all – why not take out a subscription to Anorak, or Dot or The Phoenix. Or just simply purchase annuals. There are so many comics choices out there for you to choose from.

Yvonne xxx

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  1. Getting one to help us too, which is the one you bought? Many thanks for sharing this brilliant idea x


    • I would start with Toon books. The link is here

      Or subscribe to a monthly magazine like Dot.That is instead of buying the magazines you find in your local newsagents.

      Hope this helps x


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