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Ola wanted two things for her birthday last September; Heelys and a to visit LEGOLAND®.

When Ola told us what she wanted, LEGOLAND I knew, but Heelys I did not know. A simple Hellys 101 given to me by her helped:

Heelys are shoes with one or two wheels embedded in each sole. They are a bit like roller skates, but with the option to walk as well as roll. Braking is achieved by lowering foot so that the sole touches the ground.

On her birthday, Ola got both wishes. She now has her happy feet that want to roll everywhere and anywhere! Her pair of Heelys has given her a new kind of confidence; when she spots other girls with theirs, Ola feels she is in a cool girl band.

The exciting thing about Heelys for her is, it is a talking point when she meets other girls who have theirs on. Like yesterday when we met a girl and her mum in Marks & Spencer. The girl was wearing the same style and colour as Ola’s. They spotted each other so we stopped and had a chat. And yes, that chat was about Heelys! When I asked the girl why she likes her Heelys she said, “I hate shopping with my mum but Heelys make the experience bearable.” Her mum agreed.

When I asked Ola what she likes about her Heely’s she said, “My Heelys are just fun to walk in.”

For me as mum, it is just so good to buy a present that 1) makes a child happy, 2) after a few months, the child is still as excited about the present as she at first, 3) Heelys are fun and a good way to get our children moving.

Heelys have different designs to suits beginners or the more experienced, Heelys are the perfect present for Christmas if you are already thinking that far ahead.

Shop Heelys.

Yvonne xxx

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