The Christmas magic letter from NSPCC

When I was about five years old my parents took me and my siblings to see Father Christmas at Kingsway Supermarket, Kano, Nigeria. This experience caused me trauma; Father Christmas was not what I had expected. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting – but what I wasn’t expecting to see was a big fat white man in a red outfit, with a white beard, and a pair of glasses, sitting in a small room, asking me questions. For a child who had had no interactions with white people (except for Sister Bridget, who was a nun in my primary school) it was a terrifying experience. That is my earliest memory of Father Christmas.

For my daughters, this may be the last year that they believe in the magic that Father Christmas brings. My younger daughter – who is very sophisticated for her six year old self – has begun to intellectualise why Father Christmas is not real, and every reason she has given is legit!

Luckily for me, as a mum who wants the magic of Christmas to continue for them, I came across a service offered by NSPCC where for a donation to their worthy charity, your child will receive a personalised letter from Santa. What can beat that? You are donating some money to a fab charity that does great work in return for a lasting memory for your child. So I went for it… I donated some money for two letters. Some days ago the letters arrived, and it was worth every penny donated.

The envelopes and their stamps were magical. The letters themselves were magically personalised to each child’s interests and achievements. These letters brought so much joy and magic to my girls. Their eyes and voices were full of wonder and joy as they read their letters out to their father and me after dinner.

As a family, this is a memory we’ll never forget… it was beautiful to see my daughters rejoice in the knowledge that they are special…  even to Father Christmas! Father Christmas has just acknowledged in writing how hard they’ve worked at school, how much they love football and dancing, and that they’ve been supportive to their family.

Thanks to this wonderful service (magically discovered on Twitter) from the NSPCC, the magic of Christmas has being retained in my children’s hearts for another year.

How have you retained the magic of Christmas with your child? Like my daughter, is your child beginning to say Santa is not real? What have you said to them?

Yvonne xxx

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  1. I love NSPCC. I discovered them 3 years ago when I wanted to surprise my husband (then boyfriend) with a trip to Venice. I used the custom video feature where Santa introduces the gift, after deciding if you’ve been naughty or nice. He was so shocked, and then beyond delighted. He kept saying “how did you do this?” I used it again last year, and he was just as delighted as the very first time. I can only imagine when we have kids, what NSPCC will bring to the household! Tx for sharing Kemi!


    • Hey Eulanda, Merry Christmas to you and your hubby. My favourite part of your comment is,”He kept saying “how did you do this?”. This is such a beautiful response when you have done something special for someone you love. My daughters are still asking, “How does he know what we like?”. It’s so sweet. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. xxx


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