Overnight cooked oats

Overnight slow-cooked oats


One of the best kitchen appliances I’ve ever bought is a slow cooker & over the years, two or three of them have died due to age or overuse. The good news is, I get to replace them with a newer and more sophisticated model.

My current slow cooker lives on my kitchen worktop and most of the time it has a red light illuminating on the display screen. It’s always in use cooking some rice, keeping some food warm, slow-cooking some stew, cooking a piece of meat or like this morning, keeping an overnight slow-cooked oats warm for the girls and me.

The recipe for a slow-cooked oats is Godsend especially now that the kids are going back to school. If you are a mum, and you want your child well-fed and nourished before sending her off to school, this recipe is for you.

When you slowly cook your oats overnight, the next morning  you don’t have to worry about what to feed your child or yourself. All you have to do is dish out the hot porridge, add whatever sprinkles, garnish or fruits you want to add to it, sit down and tuck in. This morning, we added some coconut flakes, blueberries and some cream… it was divine.

In this post, I share my basic recipe with you.

What you’ll need to make 2-3 servings:

100g of Steel cut oats

175ml milk

½ tsp salt


Sugar, honey, golden syrup or maple syrup to serve.

What to do:

Butter the dish

Add the rest of the ingredients and stir

Cook on LOW for 7 hours (max. 8 hours)

Cook’s tips:

If you plan to use steel cut oats which normally takes an hour to cook on a stove, then follow the instruction above.

If your slow cooker has a pre-set button (like my Tefal slow cooker) you may be able to substitute steel cut oats for Quaker Oats. This reduces the cooking time to approximately 25 minutes… the result is great as well.  Please check your manufacturer’s manual to know what kind of oats to use.

Yvonne xxx

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