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Mixed Me (Taye Diggs)

Taye Diggs is one of the world’s most handsome men but, as handsome as he is, this post is not about his handsomeness. It’s about his second children’s book Mixed Me which features a mixed-race child named Mike as the main character.

Mixed Me is a book that dives into the experiences of mixed-race children. Taye Diggs has a mixed-race son… he says his six-year son inspired him to write the book. And I was compelled to buy this book after a recent my recent experience.


And I know (as a mum of mixed-race girls) that mixed-race children can struggle with identity. They want to know which racial group they belong to, and which group is going to welcome them.

Mixed me

For me and John educating ourselves and our daughters with books like Mixed Me is part of the answer. Education means we are able to equip our daughters with the confidence to stand up for themselves whenever their identity is questioned. Education will also help them answer innocent questions posed to them by their school friends. And indeed, not such innocent statements that might be made.Mixed me

Mixed Me is a short and easy book to read but with a strong message on identity. It teaches children how to handle the question of why their family members may look different to each other. It also deals with friendship issues, love, peer pressure, and of course, hair.

My children’s only criticism of Mixed Me is the illustrations – they felt the mum in the book did not look pale enough to really convey their own family reality.

Mixed me

John and I liked Mixed Me and my children loved it too. They have read the book a few times now. Overall, the book touched on most issues faced by mixed-race children. My main reason for liking this book is that it celebrates the mixed-race child. Mixed Me tells them that the “beautiful blend of dark and light…” means you are “perfectly mixed and not mixed–up”.

This book is available to buy here in the UK or here in the US.

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