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Of late, my older daughter (who in my opinion is a creative) has been asking her father and me for ideas about what she could draw in her sketchbook. Her father tells her all the time to draw the fruit bowl. I tell her, “There are inspirations all around you.” But she still struggles.


When her creative side is flowing, she just gets on with it and draws all sorts of beautiful pictures. As a blogger, I know that sometimes creatives need help in finding inspiration.

In my case, sometimes I have nothing to write… this is what some people call writer’s block. When I hit this, I need help as well. And my help comes from reading all sorts of materials – from newspapers to magazine, books… and listening to podcasts. And before you know it, BOOM, I have an idea.



Just like me (and most creatives) perhaps my daughter needs help as well. So, I’ve come up with an idea that should help. The idea is that anytime she hits a “creative block”, I’ll get her doodling in one of her doodling books. The doodling books I have in mind are the ones that give instructions for you to personalise a drawing.

Luckily, I don’t need to buy her any because we have some already. I’ve gone back to our book shelves and pulled out three doodle books. These doodle books are great because they have been designed to inspire children with fun pictures and projects to personalise.


This inspiration will get imagination going again and from there… she’ll be inspired to draw her own picture.

Do you have a way of helping your child when their creative juices are not flowing? Please share your ideas with other readers.



Yvonne xxx

The doodling books featured here can be found on Amazon.


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