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The first KemiKids Mothers Club event is on Thursday 24th March 2016  from 09.30 to 11.30 at  Sassis in the Grove. The theme for this first event is Speed Dating, we want you to ‘speed date’ other mums to get to know them. I’d also love to meet, drink coffee and eat pastries with all the mums who’ve been supported me since Kemikids was created.

There will be a draw to win a Michael Rosen book Good Ideas: How to Be Your Child’s (and Your Own) Best Teacher. Artisan pastries and coffee are included in your ticket price.

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Why should I attend this event?

When my first daughter Ola was born, I was lost… I didn’t know who I was any more. It took  a few years after my second daughter Lore was born  to find myself again – a better version of me. What helped me to realise how fabulous I am was the amazing women I hung out with. I am a true believer that the people we hang out with can either lift us up or pull us down.

 If you are a busy mum, this event is a marvellous way for you to make friends. How I wish a club like this existed when my daughters were younger – when I felt lost. These are  just two of the reasons why I have created KemiKids Mothers Club.

KemiKids Mothers Club is not a playgroup where mothers meet to help their babies socialise or discuss nappies and babygrows. But, a club that organises events to inspire mums to be the best that they can be. It is a place for like-minded mums who aspire to be grow into their true selves. At the club’s events, you’ll chat and network with other mums in person.

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So what should you expect from our events?

Our events will include lunch meetings, dinners, lectures from experts, panel discussions and coffee mornings. Each event will  have a focus. We’ll tackle all sorts of topics across a wide spectrum – from motherhood, kids, business, current affairs, lifestyle and education – while still networking and forming new friendships.


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I’d love you to come to this fabulous event because it is going to be fun and you are more than just a mum – you are a fabulous person in your right. Ticket numbers are limited. I promise you’ll have fun!

Ticket numbers are limited. I promise you’ll have fun! Buy your ticket here

Yvonne xxx

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  1. Hi Yvonne,
    Is the idea that people come with or without their children?


  2. Thank you for the invite maybe another time but I do not break from school until 2:30 on Thursday 😕 Have a great first mums group tea xx


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