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As a mother of two girls, their education is important to me. I consider education as one of the vital components in the recipe that guarantees success. Because of this, I spend quite a bit on learning materials for my daughters. Seeing them read and hearing them tell me about the latest book they are reading – or the book they’d just finished – gives me pleasure.

For me, educational materials are not only your run-of-the-mill textbooks, they include magazines, notebooks, comics, colouring books, apps, games, etc.

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Some weeks ago, I got an email from an agency asking if I would consider reviewing a children’s educational magazine called Amazing! The email went further to tell me more:

1) It covers most subjects such as Maths, English, Science Geography, Arts and lots more.

2)It is based on the current primary national curriculum.

3) It is designed for boys and girls aged 7+.

4) Amazing! takes things that children actually like reading about such as zombies, aliens, cheesy feet, etc. and links them in clever and humorous ways back to the national curriculum.

I was tempted… so instead of pressing my delete button (like I normally do with such emails), I asked for a copy to be sent out to me.

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I did not know what to expect. But, what I wasn’t expecting was a good quality paper magazine with great illustrations. When my daughters and I finally sat down to read the content in Amazing! my daughters were impressed – they said it reminds them of Horrible Histories Magazines. Coming from my daughters, this is massive praise and approval.

It even gets better.

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Since each issue is theme-based, my older daughter Ola couldn’t contain herself when she discovered that one out of the two Amazing! magazines we received was an Ancient Roman Special. The other was on Natural Power.

When I sat and read The Ancient Roman Special with her, I discovered that Amazing! magazine didn’t only teach her what her school teacher had already taught her. Neither did it rehash the books she had already read. Instead Amazing! gave her fresh facts that she wouldn’t have learnt from me… I didn’t even know some of them.

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Both girls were not overwhelmed by all the information and facts – Amazing! magazine made it fun with the entertaining language used and the colourful images. Plus, each page was dedicated to different subjects like Art and Design, Life Science, History, Poetry, Literature, moral stories and lots more. And btw, there was Food Technology!

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Amazing! has a cover price of £3.99

KemiKids has teamed up with Amazing! magazine to give copies to ten lucky readers. For a chance to win, please email me with your name and address at yvonne@realyvonne.com . This giveaway ENDS 12TH APRIL.

Amazing! is a monthly 36-page publication with an annual subscription is just £49 for 12 issues (a whole year). KemiKids readers can use the discount code WOW10 at checkout to qualify for a special offer of 10% off subscriptions.

Amazing! magazine review

Disclosure: We were sent Amazing! magazine for this review, however, all opinions are mine.



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