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I am one of those mamas who take their kids to the cinema because they’ve run out of ideas for the holidays, the kids are beginning to run wild staying indoors, or I really need a nap. After days of promising my daughters that I would take them to the cinema, yesterday I finally got round to it. I asked them what they’d like to see. The choices were between Disney’s Zootropolis and Eddie the Eagle.

After many arguments and “mama it is not fair!” we settled for Zootropolis which was my second choice – I’m not a big fan of animated movies.

I think Zootropolis may have changed that for me. From start to finish, I was wide awake. I did not fall asleep as I normally do in cinemas. Zootropolis made me laugh hard, think hard and cry hard. Dear God!… I was an emotional mess in the cinema, but I loved how this movie made me feel.

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Zootropolis spoke to me deeply. You know sometimes when you are going through life stuff and you are trying to figure things out, and then one day as you wait at the bus stop a random stranger starts making small talk with you and the small talk turns big… and BAMM, it touches on the stuff you are going through. That was what Zootropolis did for me. I hope it does the same for you when you go and see it.

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The storyline is simple and beautiful. In a city of animals, an ambitious and brave country bunny Judy Hopps (who from a young age dreamt of becoming the first rabbit cop on the Zootropolis police force) meets a con artist fox Nick Wilde. Judy and Nick must work together to uncover a plot to turn the predator citizens into savage animals (as they used to be when the old predator/prey distinction applied.)

Zootropolis is the best film my girls have seen this year. And it may just be the most important film we see this year. The storyline touched on everything from politics, ambition, prejudice… you name it, and it was in Zootropolis.

The animation was fabulous; it was a feel good movie that was full of subtle life lessons. We sat for over two hours (didn’t feel like it) and when the movie ended and as everyone else left the cinema, we still sat there in awe of what we had just seen. After I gathered myself together, I asked Ola what she learnt from Zootropolis. She said, “Chase my dream”. Her younger sis, Lore said, “Never give up”.

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What are the main lessons I took away from the Zootropolis? Life is messy and I must make the best of it, and no dream is unattainable if I work hard, believe and have grit.

Other lessons are:

  1. people are not born evil – they make the decision to be evil when bad things happen to them.
  2. A cliché –  never judge a book by its cover.
  3. The people you least expect may have a solution to your problem.
  4. The people we believe can’t disappoint us may well end up disappointing us.
  5. Prejudice in any form is dangerous.
  6. Never let the haters see that they get to you.
  7. People (even family members) will try and talk you out of your dream. They think they are protecting you from getting hurt or disappointed.

Go see this movie, you won’t regret it.

Yvonne xxx

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