National sibling day with Ola and Lore (an interview)

What better way to celebrate National Sibling Day than to interview two sisters who are completely different. Ola is my first daughter and Lore is her younger sister. Ola is like her father – gentle, thoughtful, considerate, clever, sensitive, emotionally intelligent, creative and laid back. She loves all things girly. She also loves to dance, sing and draw.

Her sister Lore is feisty – like me. She smart, loves to read, stubborn, loving, football mad, competitive and determined. She knows what she wants and she does not give up until she gets it.  Today, I introduce you properly to my daughters to celebrate National Sibling Day.

Yvonne xxx

Eniola and tamilore (24 of 32)What is your favourite colour?

Ola: Yellow.

Lore: Red.

What is your favourite food?

Ola: Prawns, hotdogs and burgers.

Lore: Tender BBQ pork ribs.

What is your favourite treat?

Ola: Ice-cream.

Lore: Rich chocolate cakes.

Eniola and tamilore (32 of 32)

What is your favourite subject in school?

Ola: Music.

Lore: PE.

What is your favourite sport?

Ola: Gymnastics.

Lore: Football.

What is your favourite hobby?

Ola: Singing.

Lore: Cycling and Football.

Eniola and tamilore (27 of 32)

What is your favourite movie?

Both: All of the High School Musicals films.

What is your favourite book?

Ola: Maise Mae by Poppy Harper & all of the Daisy books by Kes Gray.

Lore: The Person Controller by David Baddiel.

What is your favourite vegetable?

Ola: Cucumber & sweetcorn.

Lore: Sundried tomatoes, cucumber and spinach.

What is your favourite fruit?

Ola: Strawberries and mangoes.

Lore: Strawberries, pears and mangoes.

What is the place you would most like to visit?


Ola: Disneyland.

Lore: Emirates Stadium.

Eniola and tamilore (1 of 32)

What makes you happy?

Ola: Visiting new places, dancing, singing and drawing.

Lore: Football and my family.

What’s your favourite thing to do with each other?

Ola: Sleeping in the same bed.

Lore: Playing together.

What is your favourite thing about Ola?

Lore: Her kindness and the fact that she does not moan about stuff.

Eniola and tamilore (10 of 32)

What is your favourite thing about Lore?

Ola: She sticks to her guns.

What does your sister do that really annoys you?

Ola: She never shares (unless she wants something back from you).

Lore: Sometimes she does not listen to me.

Do you think papa treats both of you fairly?

Both: Yes.

Eniola and tamilore (25 of 32)

Do you think mama treats you fairly?

Ola: No – (she cries) I wish I went to nursery school.

Lore: Yes.

Whose is your Idol?

Ola: Arianna Grande.

Lore: Theo Wallcot.

What would like to do when you grow up?

Ola: Be a singer.

Lore: Cyclist, swimmer, runner or footballer.

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  1. I love them. They are a blessing and a credit to you and John. Well done. Always inspiring me xxx


  2. How can one comment after such words that come from their hearts Beautiful . I love them very much x


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