What does self esteem mean to you?

After so many years of battling with self-esteem, a few years ago, I decided to work on mine. It was costly; hard, but worth it. My decision to work on my self esteem was triggered by a conversation I had with my daughters. There and then I knew that if I did not work on my self-esteem, my daughters will later battle with theirs as well. For me, this was a no-brainer.

In preparation for the next KemiKids Mothers Club event (Friday 6th May, Carshalton), I thought about what my answer would be to a question I plan to ask the three panellists: “What does self-esteem mean to you?”

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  • Self-esteem is my saviour. It made me realise I am worthy. It is the reason why I like myself very much and can admit to this fact without a care in the world that this admission might make others feel uncomfortable.


  • Self-esteem means not caring what others think about me.


  • Self-esteem is why I now have boundaries in place in my life. Having boundaries may mean I am not as nice as I was. But, it has stopped me from complaining and feeling resentful. It has protected me from having my feelings hurt. Having boundaries means, I am more accepting of others and I am straightforward with you.


  • I realise that self-esteem is one of those things that my daughters will definitely learn from me; all they have to do is watch how I live my life, treat myself and allow others to treat me.


  • Self-esteem makes me a ‘good enough’ mum (and not a perfect mum) for my daughters.


  • When I make a mistake, my self-esteem means that I don’t call myself stupid – I learn from my mistakes.


  • I am not a people pleaser. I can politely say ‘no’ without making the person asking for the favour feel awkward. This also means I’m civil to people I don’t share the same values with.


  • My self-esteem is why I take good care of myself and my appearance. For me, it’s not about vanity, it is self-respect.


Self-esteem is vital for happiness and success. I am glad I have it almost sorted out. I say almost because sometimes when some things don’t go as planned, my self-esteem may falter, but I now know what to do to stop myself from falling deeper into a low self-esteem hole.

Over to you, what does self-esteem mean to you?

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