The greatest dad: John Telford

My husband John Telford is the greatest dad I know. And I’m not just making this statement because it is Father’s Day, I am making this statement because it is the fact.
John – my husband – is a Fab dad to our daughters.

Just to make it clear – if John was a crap dad or a useless husband, we’d not be together. I deserve a good husband and my children deserve a good father. For me, it is that simple.

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So, what makes John such a great dad? I’ll share a few things with you.

  • Most mornings, he leaves a note on the dining table telling our daughters to have a good day.
  • Every lunch time, John calls me to find out how the girls were that morning.
  • John has dinner with his family every evening. During dinner, he NEVER fails to ask his daughters about their day. And, he listens.
  • John is selfless and generous. Every year, when John receives his bonus, he divides it into four parts. One part for me, two parts go into Ola and Lore’s savings and the last part goes into the family’s savings. Nothing for him.

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  • John has the patience and ability to make our daughters feel wonderful about who they are. His gentle demeanor reassures them.
  • John is a great provider for his girls and he never complains about this fact. He is the reason why I am able to follow my dreams. He is also the reason why our daughters never want for anything.
  • John takes his girls out to places, I’d never dream of taking them to. Places like scooter parks, airports (to watch planes taking off), games arcades, etc.
  • Every Saturday and Sunday, John sits down and has breakfast with his daughters. During this time, they talk about all sorts.
  • Every evening (I am on the sofa too tired to move) John is the parent who gets the girls to bed.
  • For John, gender does not play a part in the kind of games or activities he does with them. He plays football, basketball, computer games with them.
  • Every Sunday, John never fails to sit and watch a movie with our daughters. Something I’ve never done and don’t have the patience for.
  • John is the one who teaches them what I am crap at. Like science and mathematical facts.

These are just a FEW of the characteristics that make John the greatest dad to our daughters. Today, we thank him for all that he has done for our family. Thank you, John.

Happy Father’s Day.

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