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Rude Health is a brand of food that my family trust and love. But before I tell you about them, I want to tell a short story.

When I was growing up, for breakfast, my late mother fed her six kids with yams, beans, plantain, eggs and (on the odd occasion) bread. This way of eating changed after Kingsway Supermarket opened in Kano, Nigeria. For breakfast, my mother started to give us a brand of cornflakes that was full of sugar and had more than two ingredients. And as kids, we loved it. My mum (bless her) felt that she was doing well because cornflakes were the food of the developed countries and it was the breakfast of the well-to-do. Who would not want that? We all did except our bodies. I grew fat.

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Fast forward to today. Unlike my mum, I’m well-educated about food so, I make sure we eat well and as naturally as possible. My children – like every other child out there – love cereal. The only brand I feed them with is Rude Health. They, “Only use the kind of ingredients I’d use in my own kitchen – nothing artificial, nothing refined.”

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Rude Health recently sent over a box of their Organic Honey Spelt Puffs for us to try, and they’re now my kids’ favourite cereal. Although, they still love the  Honey Puffed Oats. These two cereals won me over because they contain only two ingredients – spelt & honey, and oats & honey respectively. On most days, my daughters will have their cereal with milk, but they love them best when the cereal are just sprinkled on their Greek yoghurt, with a bit of honey, nuts and chopped up fruits.

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Rude Health was co-founded by Nick & Camilla Barnard who believe that honest food should be real food. They believe that there is a connection between eating right and staying brilliant. What I love about Rude Health is their food does not contain thickeners, preservatives, colourings, flavourings and all the other junk that we find in some foods. Plus it tastes great.


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