More than “enough”

An online friend tagged me to this  post written by Tetyana Denford on her Instagram feed. The message resonated  so much with me, I asked Tetyana for permission to repost it here. I hope it resonates with you too. Enjoy.  Yvonne xxx  

you are enough

Photo courtesy of Tetyana

Sometimes I wonder if I do enough for the kids, for myself, for the husband. Am I a good enough mother? Am I a good enough wife? (I inevitably end up at a resounding HELL YES to *that* one, because come on now. 😏) Am I a good enough human? Those questions can be hard. I end up comparing myself to others, being hard on myself, criticising my life choices, wondering how I can be a better version of “me”. Why?

You are enough

Photo courtesy of Tetyana

It’s human nature I guess, for us to take the tangled threads inside of ourselves and unravel them. It’s the pressure to “fix”, to “figure out”, to justify our inherent selves. But then I get pissed on rosè in the garden and realise I’m a fabulous unicorn and I slay like a queen on a daily basis. And all is right with the world. A Mother’s Day piece I wrote for Selfish Mother More than “enough” in March this year doesn’t just apply to that particular day, it should be a reminder for every day. We are *all* enough, and we are so amazing because of it. Keep reminding yourselves. And keep drinking, obviously.

You are enough

Photo courtesy of Tetyana

Tetyana  is on Instagram, FaceBook  More than “enough” written for Selfish Mother is here.

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  1. Just managed to get onto your blog (had to access through my laptop for some strange reason – technology! grrrrr!) Anyway, who might that online friend be…? 😉

    Love the site so much! So proud of what you’ve done, mama!



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