BBC 2 motherland review


If you are looking for something funny to watch on TV, then, watch Motherland (BBC2).

BBC 2 motherland review

Motherland is the new fabulous sitcom (about being a mum) written by Graham Lineham and Sharon Horgan. The pilot episode which I watched very early this morning (as I prepared packed lunches for school episode)covers almost everything in 21st-centurymotherhood. Issues from the dreaded school run to alcohol consumption by parents. It also covers breastfeeding and the hostile mum-groups.

As you’d expect, there is Queen Bee called Amanda (Lucy Punch). Amanda is that pristine looking and very judgemental mum who makes working mums feel bad about the choices. I was really horrified when Amanda said to super-organised working mum, Julia (Anna Maxwell Martin), “You work so hard. I really admire how you can just switch off your family and focus on your job. Because this is my personal thing, I would just hate myself.”

Motherland is very funny and you may just see yourself in one of the mum characters. You could be Chaotic Liz (Diane Morgan) who is the attractive single mum that most dads in the school fancy. And all the mums can’t stand.  Or, you could just be Anne(Philippa Dunne), the mum who comes across as suffering from low self-esteem. There is also the happy- go-lucky stay-at-home dad, Kevin(Paul Ready).

May I suggest that If you have a laid back husband,(who annoyingly does not understand your experiences as a mum) make him watch it as well.

Motherland is still available for 28 days on BBC Iplayer

Yvonne xxx

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