It begins at home.

So Yesterday I was in a wrestling match with my daughters. And I won. Favourite Daughter Number two, Lore kicked it off. She is fiery like me. Ola is gentle like her father.
Growing up in a Nigerian home in Nigeria meant you feared your parents. You did not talk back to them, basically, you have no rights. You are just a child. I hated that kind of parenting. It killed my spirit. I was an outspoken child who got into trouble every day.
Since I didn’t like my parents parenting style, I did the opposite. John and I allow our kids to speak their minds, to complain when they are unhappy with my husband and I. We have always listened to them.
However, kids being kids don’t know the boundaries between complaining (about what they seem to be unfair) and rudeness. I had to put this right yesterday. I realise that if I don’t, they will be rude to other people outside our home and become dreadful teenagers. As much as I love my girls, I am their mother and it is my duty to teach them how to be great citizens of this world and It begins from home. They got that message yesterday and my eyes are firmly on them.┬áMy question to you is, how do you keep your kids in check without killing their spirit but still teaching them great values.


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