A little hustle on the side

Last year, I wrote a blog post  asking if women should have a little hustle on the side just in case, one day, their partners or husbands (they rely on) announce to them “I don’t love you anymore.” Or even, they may not love them anymore. Just like my friend who can’t stand her husband anymore but feels helpless because he has all the money. She gave up everything to look after her kids. She is still in her doomed marriage – she feels helpless.

A lot of mums did not like that blog post. I still don’t understand why? Maybe you can help me.
Yesterday, my daughter had a creative writing homework. She was told to write about helplessness. As you know, I am very blunt with my daughters and I don’t bullshit them. I used that opportunity to convey to her again that she must not give up her independence for anyone. If she or her sister chooses to stay home with their bundles of joy, they can still hustle on the side.  That is why the internet is a great thing. The internet was not only created for you to show off how great your life is on Facebook but to also be entrepreneurial.

People we love are humans and can disappoint us. Only God is faithful. Some of us are lucky that we meet loyal and kind partners… Some are not so lucky. They have been burnt.
I know you’ve heard me say this a great deal, (that is the only experience I can draw from) I am Nigerian and lots of Nigerian women have a little hustle going on. Why do you think that is? They have seen their mothers disappointed and helpless; they know that it is not a good place to be.  Whether you like what I am saying or not, the fact remains that you don’t want another human being having control over your life.

My prayer for us is that we’ll never be in a helpless place. Have a great day.

Yvonne Xxx


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