Don’t be polite, just block them

Last year, I blocked some Facebook ‘friends’. I even blocked them from seeing my timeline on Instagram. Why did I do that? I’ll explain it this way. You know when you have just done up your home, you have painted the walls white, you have new white carpets fitted and you feel really proud of your home.

So, you decide to invite your friends round to have a look at your newly decorated home. But your ‘friends’ had other ideas. Instead of enjoying your home with you, they pull down their pants and take a big, fat, smelly crap on your white carpet. What would you do? Give them a welcoming drink or throw them out and rub the crap on their coats?

For me, I was not going to let that happen. No, No No. Not in my home. I threw them out by blocking them. Also, before they left, I made sure they cleaned their mess. I have worked so hard on my confidence and my brand. I don’t need anyone taking a dump on it.

Why am I telling you this? Don’t let haters take a crap on your white carpet. In real life or online. Don’t be polite or nice, just block them.

Yvonne xxx

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