When your kids strip you naked

This evening, I was showing my children some old photos on the computer. They were very surprised to see how fat I used to be. I was over 15 stone. This was before the kids were born. In all honesty, I thought I was happy but I wasn’t. Not until my first daughter was born did I realise that I wasn’t happy after all. It showed in my weight. I had lots of issues. When my daughter came, she stripped me naked and made me look at myself.Children do that to us, don’t they?
Speaking to other mums, I have had to conclude that something in us changes when we have kids. Something makes us want to be the best version of ourselves.
I wanted to love me so I made a decision to start loving myself. There was no way I could have loved my kids if I did not love myself. It was just impossible. I would have been lying to myself and my kids.
I started with the words, “I am Enough”. At the beginning, they were just words. When I started believing them, everything changed.Those words are life changing. They changed my life. Those words made me love me.

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