A Powerful Message from Harriet to all women on shame

Yesterday, on Instagram,   Harriet Trafford tagged me on her photo wearing our recently launched ‘Unashmaed’ necklace. Underneath the picture, she wrote an honest post about why she bought our bestselling necklace.

Before sharing Harriet’s post with you, I was wanted to let you know that our ‘Unashamed’ pendant necklace was commissioned to inspire women to stop feeling shame. Shame only breeds the feeling of unworthiness or worthlessness; like we are good enough.

To digress even further, may I mention that shame is different from the guilt of a wrong doing. If you’d like to know more, Dr. Brené Brown has written about it here.


Our Unashamed pendant necklace

Here is Harriet’s post. Enjoy

So a couple of days ago I was scrolling through Insta as per usual and I stopped and gasped at this necklace above. It was love at first sight and I bought it the very next day. I used to smirk at sentimental jewellery as I thought it was soppy or something. But this is the second time in recent months that @kemikids have got it spot on, that a necklace has spoken to me so much.

Shame is weird and odd and powerful and I’ve let my body shame control me for years and I’m trying super hard at the moment to shed my uncomfortable skin and be truly myself. So I’ll wear this necklace when I need to, at big events, on holiday or on a night out, when I need to remind myself to love my body because it is amazing and powerful and it lets me move!

I will not shame myself any longer and I will become UNASHAMED. Because hating myself hasn’t worked for 26 years so before I’m 27 I’m going to start talking to myself with the love that I give to my best friends. And if I need a necklace to help me learn then that’s ok too.

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