Boogieing Down with Breast Cancer

Making the big decision to start KemiKids is (apart from marrying John, having my daughters Lore and Ola) the best thing I have ever done with my life. It has brought me tremendous joy, made me a better person and has brought so many people into my life like Annalesha Edgehill.

I came to know of Annalesha through Naomi, a very supportive member of The KemiKids’ Tribe. Naomi emailed me asking if I could include a personal note with the Mama Warrior tote bag that she was buying for her friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. That was how my friendship with Annalesha started.

I’d like you to meet Annalesha. Here she is and her story.

Please, if you can, make a donation towards her heartfelt campaign. The donation you make will help with additional expenses for the day to day family expenses, including trips to and from the hospital for tests, etc. etc.

You can follow Annalesha on Instagram. You can donate HERE

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