What is important to you?

This post leaves me feeling vulnerable but vulnerable is a good thing.

In my journal this morning, I asked myself a simple question. “Yvonne, what is important to you?” I am sharing my thoughts with you this morning, not for your sympathy, likes or your comments. I am sharing this as a way of reminding myself (and you if you are interested) of what is important in life.

It is almost a year now that my eldest sister was tragically (but accidentally killed by her friend). On the day she was buried, as we all stood by the hole that had been dug to put her overpriced white coffin in, I had an Aha moment. It occurred to me that no one who came to pay their respect spoke about how rich or poor she was. No one spoke about how beautiful or ugly she was. No one spoke about how thin or fat she was. No one spoke about her achievements. In short, no one spoke about all of the things we worry about on a daily basis. BTW. If you are worried about your weight or what your body looks like, remember this. your body is just a shell that is going to rot when you die!
All of the people who knew her only talked about how she made them feel. They talked about her selflessness, kindness and how she encouraged them. How she made them feel good about a dire situation. As I complete my journal today, I am asking myself, how do I make others feel about themselves because that is what they will remember about me. Not my clothes, not what I sell but how I made them feel.

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