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KemiKids Mothers Club

“Life is short and there will always be dirty dishes, so let’s dance.” ― James Howe

The next KemiKids Mothers Club event is themed around BOOGIE – an afternoon of dancing to FABULOUS music for mums and daughters.

This is an opportunity for mums and daughters to have fun and celebrate each other. It is also a chance to make  new friends. For me, dancing is one of the great ways I bond with my daughters while still having fun with them. This event is also an opportunity for mums to show their daughter that they aren’t rusty yet, they still know how to boogie.

If you are an Auntie, God Mother or you are a woman who plays a role of a mum, you’re welcome as well. Purchase your tickets here 

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What does self esteem mean to you?

After so many years of battling with self-esteem, a few years ago, I decided to work on mine. It was costly; hard, but worth it. My decision to work on my self esteem was triggered by a conversation I had with my daughters. There and then I knew that if I did not work on my self-esteem, my daughters will later battle with theirs as well. For me, this was a no-brainer.

In preparation for the next KemiKids Mothers Club event (Friday 6th May, Carshalton), I thought about what my answer would be to a question I plan to ask the three panellists: “What does self-esteem mean to you?”

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  • Self-esteem is my saviour. It made me realise I am worthy. It is the reason why I like myself very much and can admit to this fact without a care in the world that this admission might make others feel uncomfortable.


  • Self-esteem means not caring what others think about me.


  • Self-esteem is why I now have boundaries in place in my life. Having boundaries may mean I am not as nice as I was. But, it has stopped me from complaining and feeling resentful. It has protected me from having my feelings hurt. Having boundaries means, I am more accepting of others and I am straightforward with you.


  • I realise that self-esteem is one of those things that my daughters will definitely learn from me; all they have to do is watch how I live my life, treat myself and allow others to treat me.


  • Self-esteem makes me a ‘good enough’ mum (and not a perfect mum) for my daughters.


  • When I make a mistake, my self-esteem means that I don’t call myself stupid – I learn from my mistakes.


  • I am not a people pleaser. I can politely say ‘no’ without making the person asking for the favour feel awkward. This also means I’m civil to people I don’t share the same values with.


  • My self-esteem is why I take good care of myself and my appearance. For me, it’s not about vanity, it is self-respect.


Self-esteem is vital for happiness and success. I am glad I have it almost sorted out. I say almost because sometimes when some things don’t go as planned, my self-esteem may falter, but I now know what to do to stop myself from falling deeper into a low self-esteem hole.

Over to you, what does self-esteem mean to you?

Tickets to our panellist event on self esteem (Friday 6th May, Carshalton).


KemiKids Mothers Club – How to buy your ticket

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The next event  for KemiKids Mothers Club is Friday 6th May

At Village Perk, Carshalton, Surrey. 

From 7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

Tickets are now on sale.

The event is a panel discussion based around a vital ingredient necessary for personal success and happiness – Self Esteem.  I am very excited about our panellist – they all bring something different to the table.

Jenny Knighting is the founder of Nutcracker Agency. Jenny is a business woman and a Marketing Expert. Jenny is a personal friend who is passionate about women’s rights.

Morwenna Carrington is a Deputy Director Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs. Morwenna is a mum of three and she is interested in feminism, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

Stella Chevalier is a secondary school science teacher who loves to promote and encourage reader development, literacy for all and life-long learning. A mum herself, Stella runs a successful book club to encourage mums to read again.

You can purchase tickets here

Yvonne x

KemiKids Mothers Club Panelists and a giveaway.

Mother (2 of 2)As you know, the next KemiKids Mothers Event is Friday 6th May 2016. And since we are adults, we are meeting in the evening from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. As I mentioned before, we’ll have drinks and nibbles and have an adult conversation about self-esteem. Davina McCall once said, “I wanted to become a famous person to prove I was a worthy person, but eventually I realised only you can make yourself feel worthy.”

I believe self-esteem is what holds women back from following their dreams, it is what stops us from been happy, it is what makes us compare ourselves to others, and if it is not dealt with, we can pass it on to the next generation.

I am happy to announce that mum-of-two, Jenny Knighting and mum-of-three Morwenna Carrington are members of the panel. They will talk openly to us about the struggles they have had with their own self-esteem, how they have worked on it, and what they are doing to help their daughters build great self-esteem.

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In the next few days, I will be telling you more about Jenny and Morwenna. But for now, let me tell me about a great prize that might interest you if you are attending. It is the book Unlock Your Confidence by Dr Gary Wood. The winner of the book will be announced on the night.

Remember, there are only a limited number of tickets for this event. One thing I know for sure is that this event is going to be great and you won’t regret purchasing a ticket when they go on sale on the 22nd April.

Have a fab evening!

Yvonne xxx

Self esteem

Save the date

Self esteem

The date of our next KemiKids Mothers Club event is Friday May 6, 2016.

The first KemiKids event was themed around speed dating. This time, we are going to talk self-esteem. The format will be a panel of awe-inspiring women. They will tell us how they worked at their self-esteem, how we can work on ours, and if it is possible to have high self-esteem at all times. Then we’ll have a Q&A session afterwards.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll reveal who the panellists are and provide brief bios on them.

Did I mention that before the panel take their seats, we’ll mingle, have drinks and have some nibbles to eat?

WHEN: Friday, 6 May 2016 from 19:30 to 21.30


TICKETS: Will go on sale on Friday, 22 April 2015

If you’re interested in coming or you have questions, email me at

Yvonne xxx

Kemikids Mothers Club

The first KemiKids Mothers Club event is on Thursday 24th March 2016  from 09.30 to 11.30 at  Sassis in the Grove. The theme for this first event is Speed Dating, we want you to ‘speed date’ other mums to get to know them. I’d also love to meet, drink coffee and eat pastries with all the mums who’ve been supported me since Kemikids was created.

There will be a draw to win a Michael Rosen book Good Ideas: How to Be Your Child’s (and Your Own) Best Teacher. Artisan pastries and coffee are included in your ticket price.

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Why should I attend this event?

When my first daughter Ola was born, I was lost… I didn’t know who I was any more. It took  a few years after my second daughter Lore was born  to find myself again – a better version of me. What helped me to realise how fabulous I am was the amazing women I hung out with. I am a true believer that the people we hang out with can either lift us up or pull us down.

 If you are a busy mum, this event is a marvellous way for you to make friends. How I wish a club like this existed when my daughters were younger – when I felt lost. These are  just two of the reasons why I have created KemiKids Mothers Club.

KemiKids Mothers Club is not a playgroup where mothers meet to help their babies socialise or discuss nappies and babygrows. But, a club that organises events to inspire mums to be the best that they can be. It is a place for like-minded mums who aspire to be grow into their true selves. At the club’s events, you’ll chat and network with other mums in person.

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So what should you expect from our events?

Our events will include lunch meetings, dinners, lectures from experts, panel discussions and coffee mornings. Each event will  have a focus. We’ll tackle all sorts of topics across a wide spectrum – from motherhood, kids, business, current affairs, lifestyle and education – while still networking and forming new friendships.


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I’d love you to come to this fabulous event because it is going to be fun and you are more than just a mum – you are a fabulous person in your right. Ticket numbers are limited. I promise you’ll have fun!

Ticket numbers are limited. I promise you’ll have fun! Buy your ticket here

Yvonne xxx

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